About Us

One thing that I believe we tend to underestimate when working on the aesthetics of our home is the lighting that we install in it.

We tend to focus on the bigger things, such as the size of the room, the color, and the texture of the wall paint or the rug that lies on the floor, but we forget about the light that brings it all to life.

My mission is to shift your focus and highlight the importance of quality lighting and its impact on your quality of life.


At this site, I work round the clock to ensure I provide you the best recommendations and updates on the latest lighting fixtures in the market.

I’ll ensure you get the best value on this website and only provide you with quality options, so you don’t have to look at 1000s of products.

How it Works

Lighting is an extremely important component when designing your homes because this little thing can make a small room look much larger, depending upon the type of light that you install.

It is extremely important to know every type of lighting fixture, their purposes, where they are meant to be installed, how they work and their pros and cons so that when the time comes to installing a specific type of lighting in either your bedroom or maybe over the shelf in the kitchen or hanging on top of the stairway, you know exactly which one to opt for and why.

Other than all this, we also need to keep in mind our budget and budget mostly include three factors.

One is the price of the lighting fixtures; second is the lifespan of the type of light that you are looking to install, and third is your usage per day.

These are three things that you need to keep in mind before making any purchases.


My values are what I take pride in most and would spend considerable time researching and analyzing before bringing forth my recommendations for you.

I believe my reader’s time and money have value, and I do my best to ensure it’s spent wisely.

The Goal

LED lights, for instance, being one of my favorites, have some really good features to offer. They are not only affordable but, at the same time, have a long lifespan and are durable while they last.

Their efficiency is known to be dramatically high, which is at a good 80 %. Not just that, they also release low amounts of heat, offer a wide variety of colors to be installed in, and have a relatively lower infrared and ultraviolet output to go with all that.

I hope I can help you through this journey of yours to decide on a lighting fixture because it matters.