15 Best Light Box For Photography 2023 | Reviews & Guide

best light box for photography

A lightbox is an essential piece of equipment for professional photographers. But before you begin with one, you will need to know a lot about them.

best light box for photography

That is the only way you will be able to make the best possible purchase according to your interests.

So, we have compiled the list of best lightbox for photography for your ease.

Buyer’s Guide

If you are a beginner who is looking for the perfect lightbox to buy for photography, there are a few features you need to study.

Without having an idea about these features, you will not be able to have the first clue about what to purchase.

So it is important that you analyze the buyer’s guide below.


When using a lightbox, you can adjust the light in many ways so that it shows a wide range of reflections.

Of course, when you are about to photograph something, you won’t just take one photo and go on with it. You would probably have to take a few shots and decode, which is the best one.

If you keep an eye out for the range of reflections that the box has to offer, you will be able to have many options. The more options you have, the better.


Again, you will take a photo many times. And just like reflections, you will have to adjust the position of the object too.

The adjustment panel in a lightbox plays a big role in the adjustment of the object. Make sure you get a box whose adjustment panel is fully functional.


The more wrinkles there are on a lightbox, the more you will struggle to use it.

Check to see the number of wrinkles in the box. If you want a better product, you will obviously have to invest more.

And if your budget is too low, and you purchase the box with wrinkles on it, you will have to try quite hard to achieve the effects like the wrinkle-free one.


When you are capturing an object or a scene, all your photography equipment needs to be stable and fixed in one place. And so does your lightbox.

A lightbox with a stable base will be your best option. If it is too narrow, and not flat, then it will wobble, ruining your shots.

So make sure the base is perfection.

Top 15 Light Box for Photography Reviews

After going through the basic features that are critical for every lightbox to have, we will move forward to critically reviewing the top products that are available in the open market.

This list has been compiled after intense research. So let's jump into it.

1. ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box

There are many good things about this piece. Like, the installation process is easy, so you will not be wasting any precious time of yours. The frame will not be loose and will not come loose either.

Sometimes, lightboxes tend to damage themselves after assembling them again and again. This is not the case with this piece.

The color temperature is 5000k. The box has 150 LED lights. The brightness level is 25000 lumens, which is a lot.

These lights are dimmable. There are four backdrops you can choose from. It is lightweight and handy.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Easy installation
  • Frame is intact
  • Sturdy base
  • Dimmable
  • Portable


  • Top flap doesn’t stay open
  • Shadows underneath

2. Travor Photo Light Box Kit

You will have four different colored backgrounds with this thing. The number of lumens will be 12000-13000 lumens, and all just for 100-240V.

The position of the board of led lights can be adjusted anywhere between a 360-degree angle.

The box does not produce heat at all. The inner fabric is reflective in order to maximize reflection and minimize shadows.

The dimming is continuous, not in steps. The lighting will look all-natural with the LED lights.

The shooting box has convenient joints so that it can be set up without hassle.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Different backdrops
  • Brightness
  • No shadows
  • Continuous dimming


  • Difficult installation
  • Zipper may break if pulled too hard

3. EMART Photography Table Top Light Box

This small tabletop photo box is going to let you photograph small objects with ease.

If you are a beginner, you can experiment with this thing, and if you are a professional, you can use it to photograph little things.

There are four different backdrops. They can be removed and attached again, without any damage retained.

You can also use a power bank to get this lightbox up and running. The openings will allow you an infinite amount of angles for shooting.

There are 26 led lights in both the rows, and they have 5500k color temperature. It is waterproof and wrinkles free too.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Waterproof
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Four different backgrounds


  • Tripod isn’t durable
  • Have to use a power strip

4. DUCLUS Mini Photo Studio Light Box

With this product, you can have six different backdrops.

It is a mini shooting studio for you, whether you are a beginner or a professional. You can be using unprofessional devices; you will still get the best results.

The amount of lumens it has to offer is 550 lumens, and the color temperature is 6000k-6500k, all while using 3.5 watts.

It is small and portable; you can take it wherever with you. The opening allows for multi-angle shooting. There are no strobes.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • High brightness
  • Multi-angle shooting
  • No strobes
  • Yields professional results


  • Nondimmable
  • Not many lumens

5. AmazonBasics LED Light Photo Studio Box

You will not have to go through the painful assembling process when you use AmazinBasics.

The LED lighting that is used is 5600k, they are integrated, and they are diffused. The backdrop is a smooth white color.

The bag can be folded into a thin case, which makes it very easy for it to be carried anywhere.

The case also comes with a pouch and a pocket so that you get more storage space.

The brightness adjustment is manual, so you can adjust the settings however you want.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Foldable
  • Portable
  • Storage space
  • Bright
  • Brightness can be adjusted


  • One backdrop color
  • Shadows

6. MOUNTDOG Photo Light Box

Make your process of photography portable, affordable, and easier with mount dog. The lightbox of mount dog is appropriate for anyone, whether it be professionals, advertisers, or hobbyists.

The package includes all that you need to get the system up and running.

There are three different soft background colors. The backgrounds are easily detachable and re-attachable. The color temperature is 5600k. The material of the lightbox is waterproof.

You can fit all the components of the box set up in one bag, easily, and carry it wherever you wish to.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Brighter and uniform
  • Convenient packing


  • Shadowless kits not included
  • Not very portable

7. DUCLUS Adjustable Light Photo Studio Box

You can take this mini photo studio wherever you want with you. These allow easy small shooting projects. The backdrops are six different colors. There is a white ring light at the top.

The color of the light is 6500k, which means it is a warm, comforting shade, and there isn’t much glare.

The number of LEDs mounted in the ring light is 64, and they all offer continuous light.

You can change their structures without breaking the thing, or doing any other kind of damage to it.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Six backdrops
  • LEDs can be restructured
  • USB power adapter can be used
  • Set up is easy
  • Dimmer


  • Wrinkles after a while
  • Individual bulbs can be seen

8. PULUZ Mini Photo Studio Box

For product display, this product offers you six different backdrops.

You can detach it, fold it, and reattach it whenever you want, without risking damage. You can shoot your objects from different angles.

The front window is suitable for the pictures that have to be taken from the front, and the top window for the pictures that have to be taken from the top.

The lumen output is 550lumens, and the power it consumes 3.5W.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • High brightness
  • Multi-angle shooting
  • Fast installation
  • No strobe


  • Power supply needed
  • Power bank not included

9. SAMTIAN LED Light Photo Box

You will get the adequate light source with these 5500k led lights with the 4200-lumen output.

The product is big enough to accommodate a wide range of products. It is a very appropriate size, not too big and not too small.

The space-saving design helps it fit inside a small space. The reflective fabrics allow for maximum reflection and minimum shadows.

The light that is emitted by the led lights is distributed evenly throughout the entire box.

There are six different backdrops that will help you take pictures in different moods. The windows let you take pictures from different angles.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Multi-angle shooting
  • Super bright
  • Comes with dimmer
  • No strobe


  • Not easily portable
  • Difficult installation

10. Travor Photo Studio Light Box

There are 120 LEDs in the product. You can shoot the products from 4 different angles, giving you a chance to create the best possible photo for your object.

The temperature of the color is 5500k, and you will need an input of 100-240 volts.

The lumen output is 12000 to 13000 lumens. The dimming is stepless so that you can move the brightness of the lightbox from 0 to 100% easily.

With all these features, your product will give a full-color appearance in its photos.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Four color backdrops
  • Four shooting angles
  • Stepless dimming
  • Bright output


  • Not portable
  • Consumes much battery

11. HEORRYN Professional Photo Light Box

Here is high quality and adjustable LED light. There are big lamps that help minimize shadows. The lighting that you get will be a lot safer and brighter than any regular one.

The backdrops are wrinkle-free, they will not need ironing much, and they won’t even slip whenever you apply them to the box.

The product comes with a dimmer, so allow yourself to adjust the brightness freely.

The product is easy to set up and carry. Take your photo light studio with you wherever.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Flexible shooting angle
  • Rotatory dimmer
  • Easy to carry and set up
  • Backdrops don’t slip


  • Openings are roughly cut
  • LEDs get very hot

12. AMZDEAL Foldable Photo Studio Light Box

It is fitted with Velcro tape, so you will be able to fix it before using it. There are 120 LED lights that provide the powerful and very soft light.

The shadows are prevented, and there are no unwanted reflections when you shoot objects in this box.

There are many openings that allow for many different shooting angles. The output is 5000 lumens.

There is an additional translucent shading cloth. Which helps prevent the shadows even further.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Translucent cloth
  • Velcro tape
  • No shadows


  • Nondimmable
  • Difficult to set up

13. Finnhomy Portable Photo Light Box

This product is designed for you to take professional photos without putting in any extra effort.

You can use the put color backgrounds to take a wide range of photos. The 5500k daylight white LEDs will make it look like all-natural light.

You will be able to adjust the bands on steel strips, or you can also place them on the bar of the frame. The magnetic system will make everything work like magic.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Magnetic system
  • Light is all-natural
  • Frame is sturdy
  • Soft white cloth


  • Needs power outlet
  • Electronic devices cannot be placed near magnets

14. Neewer Photo Studio Light Box

This product has 120 led lights that you will see, provide a smooth, spot-free light to the object.

There are multiple openings that can be closed conveniently to photograph the object from different angles.

The fabric inside is a professional silver material that makes sure you have a minimal amount of shadows present. The light is diffused, and no unwanted hindrance in brightness remains.

It is lightweight, it is portable, and the dimmer can be used with it.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Spot free light
  • Lightweight
  • Best contrast
  • Portable


  • Gets dirty after a while
  • Wrinkles

15. SLOW DOLPHIN Photo Studio Light Box

Last product of the list, here we have the box that is known for its ability to be no bigger than a piece of paper.

When folded, it can reduce the size of the assembled pages. That makes the portability a big plus.

The backdrops offered are of six different colors. The box is really small; you can manage taking it anywhere.

Not only that, it gives a decent output as well.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Very small
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Six backdrop colors


  • Too small for bigger products
  • Gets heated up quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a photo box?

A photo box is a box that allows one to shed a controlled amount of light onto a subject. You can place the subject that you want to photograph inside the box, and then you can photograph them.

The reason for shedding controlled light on the object is to establish greater control over shadows and highlights, as they have a huge impact on the quality of the photograph. That even impacts the way the camera captures them.

It has many light bulbs fitted inside of it, and there is a frosted glass on top of it. If you lay it flat, it is called a light table.

How do you set up a lightbox?

First of all, set up a sturdy table. Then, assemble the lightbox. If you have a backdrop, add that to the scene. Avoid seams by curving the cloth.

Set up lights on either side. Make sure there is a power outlet nearby or an extension cord. Then, clean the product to remove any dirt.

Place it in the very center of the box. Position the camera on the tripod, and you are good to go!

What is a UV lightbox used for?

The UV lightbox is a very useful piece of kit. It is used for making proper and appropriate PBCs.

But you can also use it to make other intricate parts of the photo that are etched, for example, if you have to provide any subject for some other instructable.

What is the use of a lightbox?

The lightbox is made out of a translucent material, and it is illuminated from the back. It is used in situations where you have to trace.

The thing that you need to trace has to be laid on top of the lightbox. And then you can view it with high contrast.

How does a lightbox used for tracing?

The lightbox has a transparent or near-transparent surface, from which light passes.

You can place the paper that you need to trace on top of the glass and press the paper against it.

Soon, the image on the paper will be visible, and you can trace its outline.

How do you use a light meter?

The easiest way to do that is to stretch your hand that holds the light meter right in front of the camera.

Make sure that the same amount of light falls onto the scenery, as well as the lumisphere.

After that, press the button of the meter. Then notice the results.

What is a light meter and how does it work?

The photographers and the cinematographers use controlled light to capture the photographs.

So they have to measure it to know the correct amount of light that they are using.

They do that using a device called a light meter.

What is a lightbox used for in art?

The lightbox is used for tracing. The artist can place their original piece of art on the lightbox, then trace it onto another piece of paper.

This way, they can replicate the original work of art without photocopying it.

Do you need a light meter for photography?

A light meter is supposed to measure the amount of light in a place that is to be photographed. The photographers use it to adjust the lighting in a scene.

It does not have a direct impact on the lighting, but an indirect one.


There was a complete guide that you needed before you actually make the purchase.

After going through this, we are sure you will be able to choose the best option for yourself!

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