10 Best Track Lighting For Kitchen 2023 | Reviews & Guide

Best Track Lighting For Kitchen

Kitchen track lighting is a versatile option for the unique and modernly designed homes, and that can provide soothing and task lighting.

Best Track Lighting For Kitchen

Track light heads or fixtures are installed on a track system that is mounted to the ceiling or wall and can usually be directed or adjusted wherever you want.

If you want your kitchen to highlight every point of artistry in it, its wallpaper, utensil stands, and enhance your kitchen overall, then you need to consider getting the best track lighting for kitchen.

The lighting plays a huge role in every area for illuminating purposes and to display everything dutifully.

This can also draw more attention to your guests towards highlighting parts such as the objects of interest in a kitchen usually. Kitchens are considered the main interest for everyone, whether it’s the visitors or the owners.

When it comes to tasks such as cooking, dining, reading, prepping, socializing, and much more, you ought to focus on the kitchen more.

This is why you need specific lighting for these collective and valuable spaces in your kitchen.

If you are a new buyer, then you are on board to discover the best buyer’s guide for kitchen task lighting:

Buyer’s Guide

Now without any further ado, let’s dive into the detailed buyer’s guide on factors to consider when purchasing kitchen task lightings.

People often forget the essential tips of buying a good, worthy product and here we are to remind you!


To provide efficient and flexible task lighting, a kitchen light should have an adjustable head, or if it comes as a whole light with no gooseneck, then it should have an automatic dimmer option.

Task lightings are supposed to be illuminating and adjusting at the same time, and you can’t go anywhere without this feature.

A flexible track head is easy to assemble and fix the directions as you require with no hassle at all.

Lighting Design

If you are looking for task lighting for the kitchen, then you need to consider a specific design as well. There are millions of designs out there, both decorative and practical, for task lightings.

If you require a specific type of design, then this kind of factor is also essential to consider beforehand, and you can take a cue from existing designs that you might see out there on the web or in someone’s house.


Installation, aka mounting, is also the final step after buying a track lighting for kitchens, and it needs a lot of consideration as well.

You cannot buy a random size, or a product without the instruction manual, so do check if the manufacturer’s instruction manual is available with the package and is easily understandable for you.

Then you should get yourself the tools required for the mounting and get on with it.

Top 10 Track Lighting For Kitchen Reviews

So as we have gone through the buyer’s guide and it has been explained respectively.

Now it’s time for you to go through the complete review of the top 10 products available readily on Amazon for you to purchase and have been gotten highest ratings thereby all regular customers.

So these kitchen task lightings are going to be your best bet, and you will surely be buying on product out of all these that will fulfill all your requirements dutifully.

1. Globe Electric Track Lighting

Globe electric Payton-4 track lightings come in a minimalist design and complete the perfect look for your kitchen. Their pivoting track heads and versatile placement heavily focuses where the light is needed exactly.

Not only are these lights unique and mesmerizing but also extremely user-friendly and widely applicable to all spaces.

These lights come in a track of four independently pivoting heads that mounted on the wall for kitchen purposes or other reasons as well, such as a vanity light in the bathroom, focusing light in the bedroom, or as décor in any space of your house respectively.

These lights are dimmable and completely easy to install without any hassle and come with all mounting tools with the product.

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  • Dimmable
  • Independent
  • Versatile
  • Easy installation


  • Tiny sized
  • Hot to the touch

2. XiNBEi Track Lighting

XiNBEi track lights are very sturdy and stylish, causing your living space to look trendy and unique dutifully.

If you want your kitchen to look enhanced and highlight all the parts of it, then these lights can do the best job because these lights do not come alone; in fact, you will be getting four heads in one track, and all heads are completely adjustable.

Track lights should highlight the required spaces, and guess what?

This light does more than that. Not only is it good in function but also widely applicable in bathrooms, bedrooms, entryways, kitchens, dining areas, and living rooms.

The base socket is medium in size, so neither is it too large or too small, so this solves most of your worries in one go!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Good quality
  • Widely applicable
  • Adjustable
  • Trendy style


  • Uneasy installation

3. DLLT Modern LED Tracking Lights

If you want a stylish and high-quality exterior for your kitchen lighting, then this one is your best bet, as these lights have a matte nickel design and are made of baking paint and corrosion-free material, respectively, for the safety and long life of your lighting system.

Also, these lights don’t crack, are cool to the touch, and give a warm, soft, and attractive atmosphere to your living space, especially your kitchen!

The multi-angle illumination is what wins the game, as you will be getting the perfect lighting coverage at different areas of your kitchen, and these lights can be easily mounted on the walls or ceilings, wherever there is a flat surface.

Moreover, they are also widely used shops, bars, artistry rooms, galleries, etc.

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  • Safe and long-lasting
  • Perfect lighting coverage
  • It is widely used
  • Easily mounted


  • Tiny heads
  • Not bright enough

4. DND LED Track Lighting Kit

DND led tracking lights have adjustable heads, which can be rotated at 355 degrees horizontally, 90 degrees vertically, and you can swivel them or turn them to different directions as well.

Also, these lights are completely easy to install and come with all the tools in the package with the product so you can mount them without worrying about getting all the tools separately.

The LED bulbs are also included, which solves the worries of most customers, and the bulbs produce 500 lumens of light intensity, each giving a dimmable and timely approved lighting to your kitchen interior dutifully.

Also, these lights come with an IP rating, so they are waterproof and dustproof, and as you wash dishes in the kitchen and use water all the time, then this feature is really useful.

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  • Adjustable heads
  • Easy mounting
  • Bulbs included
  • IP rated


  • Fragile metal exterior
  • Fixtures can be difficult

5. W-LITE LED Tracking Lights

W-LITE led track lights come with adjustable track heads to direct and highlight different spaces of your kitchen, and the heads can rotate up to 330 degrees, which is a big deal for most people out there looking for kitchen lighting.

Also, these lights are eco-friendly and energy-saving because they give soft, warm lighting and doesn’t use a lot of power. Also, it saves 80% of your energy bills and has a lifespan of 50,000 hours! Isn’t that crazy?

So you are getting adequate and user-friendly lighting for your kitchen with a good durability factor, and also it will save electricity.

This is everything you would have prayed for, so get this light now.

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  • Adjustable heads
  • Rotates
  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly


  • Bulbs are not durable enough
  • Tiny screws

6. CANARM 4 Bulb Track Light

CANARM track lights come with a combination of stylish function and are perfect for highlighting or drawing attention to specific objects.

These come in a track of four light heads and have an oil-brushed bronze finish to give you an antique yet unique feel and also have a good size that can fit any area of your home, especially the kitchens space.

You will have to get these lights and bulbs separately because they don’t come with the base product, and mounting will be pretty easy with screws only, so what are you waiting for?

Get your kitchen tracking light now and enjoy it to the best while you can with friends and family.

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  • Stylish function
  • Bronze finish
  • Widely applicable
  • Easy mounting


  • Don’t come with bulbs
  • Not durable enough

7. Howplumb Adjustable Track Lighting

Howplumb track lights have oil rubbed bronze finish and a clean, modern design that gives you the perfect ambiance for your kitchen.

This wall mounting fixture has four bulbs that can be fixed in the ceiling, and the size of the fixture is 29’ W X 43/4” H.

Halogen bulbs are used in this lighting, and they are not included in the product’s package, so you will have to get them separately, but overall it gives a very vibrant look to your kitchen and will serve its function.

Stop looking further and get this track light now as it offers a lot of pros under one roof, and this light can solve all your worries regarding kitchen lighting or any lighting for the fact.

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  • Bronze finish
  • Modern design
  • Wide applications
  • Good quantity


  • Bulbs not included
  • Tiny size

8. LEONLITE LED Dimmable Track Light

These led kitchen track lights have a different and concise design because the manufacturer wanted to give a vintage touch to it.

It is great for people who are furnishing their homes and want a good lighting fixture, so these lights can be placed in some areas of their home, especially the kitchen, and illuminate all areas of the kitchen, which are important.

These track lights have high brightness levels and give a lumen output of 1800 lumens in total, filling your needs for perfect lighting.

These lights can also be easily adjusted and are flexible in directing the light beam where you require.

Dimming performance in this light is adequate and gives top quality assurance so you can have a great time with the product.

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  • Intricate design
  • Good fixture
  • High brightness
  • It is widely used
  • Adjustable


  • Reflectors are sensitive
  • Uneasy installation

9. MELUCEE Kitchen Track Lights

MELUCEE kitchen track lights have adjustable heads independently and focus exactly where the light is needed for your convenience.

Bulbs are included in the package, so you can not worry about buying them separately and are of the exact type needed for the lights to shine.

Installation is also pretty easy, and all tools are included in the pack containing the canopy mounting plate as well for quick mounting.

It is a practical and stylish lighting fixture that gives you the light you deserve and shines all over the objects/areas of interest.

So what more can you ask for? Order your track light now and enjoy its lighting fixture without any hassle!

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  • Independent heads
  • Adjustable
  • Stylish
  • Good brightness


  • Very lightweight
  • Not sturdy

10. Pro Track Light Satin Chrome Fixture

Pro Track light satin chrome fixture comes in a size of 87” wide when fully extended and 6” high each.

Each arm is 24 ¾” wide, and light heads are also of a good size that can be called as medium in the lighting language, perfect for all spaces.

The product comes with 50-watt bulbs that are needed for the lighting, and this means you won’t have to buy them separately.

Another convenient feature is that three-arm connectors are also available that allow a variety of configurations.

Six cone-shaped, adjustable, amiable lamp heads and a satin chrome finish that completes the metal constructed track lights.

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  • Good size
  • Perfect for all spaces
  • Widely applicable
  • Three-arm connectors
  • Adjustable


  • None

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Track Lighting good for a kitchen?

Track lighting is the best lighting system for your kitchen as it involves a unique function of highlighting your décor and objects of interest, respectively.

Also, you will be getting a versatile light that can be used and adjusted in various ways while saving your energy bills at the same time.

How bright should a kitchen light be?

On average, a kitchen light should be having a lumen output of 800-1300 lumens and provide ambient lighting to the kitchen.

How many lights can I put on a track?

People mostly put 3-4 lights in one track, but it also depends on the mindset of the manufacturer and the designs.

What is the difference between track and rail lighting?

Track lighting is a line voltage, and monorail is usually a low voltage system, so both of these lights are on the opposite.

Are track lights universal?

It depends on the lighting fixture whether or not the fixtures are interchangeable.

Does track lighting need a junction box?

Hardware track lights need electrical connections are made in a junction box.

How long can a track light be?

Singletrack lights are available from 2-8 feet long and can be cut with a hacksaw for more customized sizes.

How do I fix track lighting?

To fix a track lighting, you would have to follow certain tips such as replacing bulbs, turn off the circuit breaker that powers the lights, test the track for voltage with a tester, remove not working track heads and much more.

Can track lighting be wall mounted?

Yes, it can certainly be mounted on the walls, ceilings, or in fact, any flat surface easily with simple screws.

Track lights are the lighting systems that are the easiest to mount, and you will not require any complex tools as well.

What is Halo track lighting?

Halo track lighting offers low voltage systems that are long-lasting, meaning that they can endure a lot of time and usage, making it really practical for the user.

They are also less expensive to maintain and easy to mount, so people tend to purchase halo track lightings more.


Finally, this guide and review come to a positive end, and we hope you have a brief understanding of kitchen track lights now as you can now go through all the buyer’s tips and see 10 product reviews for your assurance that are completely up to the mark for your kitchen lighting.

As these products are also very easy to use and install, making your life perfect and this type of ambient lighting needs to be on the best terms, so this was your review and guide on the best kitchen task lighting.

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