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COB LED Grow Lights

LED lights are really trendy these days and are coming with new technological advances day by day.

COB LED Grow Lights

These are really beneficial for people who want good high-intensity lighting in their homes for certain spaces and areas.

Also, you can utilize them for both indoors and outdoors purposes.

Not only are you going to avail of fun and good quality lighting system but also avail a lot of options for applications.

Now coming onto best COB grow lights, these are known for their compact size and versatility.

Also, these come with more light intensity than any other traditional lighting systems and better electrical efficiency.

You will expect them to last longer than you can imagine, and if you place these lights outdoors, then you will also see that the illumination provided by these COB grow lights will help your plants to grow more and develop with the creation of minerals and nutrients they require.

Hence, the name grow lights prove its efficiency and working with certain qualities.

But not all of these are efficient enough, and you can’t place your trust in a product which is expensive and doesn’t have much to offer in reality, so for your convenience, we bring you this a detailed buyer guide and review of top listed items on Amazon!

Buyers Guide

You need to consider certain factors when buying a COB grow light, and as these products are coming with a lot of responsibility, you have to be sure about them first.

Now without any further ado, let’s dive into the buyer’s guide for you and make it an easier job to get the required COB to grow lights as soon as possible:

Plant Types

COB led grow lights, as the name suggests mainly for plants and their growth. So when you get this product, you expect it to do the job properly, but what buyers don’t think is that every grow light comes with its own features and works for certain types of plants.

You have to get yourself a grow light that will help the plant you have in your home specifically, and you will also have to ensure that hat kind of phase your plant is in to find the best COB grow light for your home properly.

Garden Size

You will only get the best lighting if you understand your garden better, and for that, you have to know the surface area of your garden space.

When you have the correct size, you can get the grow light, which has the capacity to cover your garden, respectively.

This is one of the main factors you need to consider beforehand, and you can’t ignore it for sure.

A small light coverage cannot cover your whole garden, and hence, your plants will not get the coverage they need for their growth.


After considering the factors listed above, don’t forget to consider two or three types of products and make a comparison with one another first.

The comparison should be made on costs, as these products are mostly pretty expensive. You can see which price suits you best and gives you the qualities you need as well, then get the grow light for your garden!

Top 15 COB LED Grow Lights Reviews

Now that you know what to consider as a buyer let’s come on to the products and their review. This review will comprise of product descriptions for each product and also their pros-cons, respectively.

You will get to know about the top 15 led grow lights for your garden, so you get to have a lot of options beforehand.

Not only will you be able to easily choose one but also get a great lighting experience sooner than you imagined.

1. VIVOSUN COB LED Grow Lights

The VIVOSUN COB grow lights are professional LED lights and provide you will premium gardening and hydroponic lighting services.

These are made up of UV protected and fire-proof aluminum frame for your convenience and efficient working. It has a good lifespan of about 50,000 hours!

Making all your worries go away about replacements. These lights effectively promote growth and development for your plants, serving a positive and efficient work time as well.

It consists of a full scientific spectrum of wavelengths (410-730nm) in order to promote the plant growth also these wavelengths imitate natural sunlight to provide a healthy glow to these plants which they need.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Effective function
  • Premium services
  • Long-lasting


  • Noisy fan
  • No different colors

2. AGLEX COB LED Grow Light

These led grow lights come with an upgraded spectrum, verified for playing an important role in the growth of plants, and gives effective results in doing so.

You will get not only different colors of lighting but also additional led light beads to ensure a full spectrum of science.

This 3000W grow light contains integrated designed beads of 154 COB led pieces all together, so that’s a nice high intensity led grow light and will provide you with good lighting for all of your plants dutifully.

Also, plants need photosynthesis, and for that, this light comes with a special feature known as photon flux density and gives you an output better than any other traditional lighting.

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  • Upgraded spectrum
  • Photon flux density


  • Not much coverage

3. Phlizon COB LED Grow Light

These cobs grow lights that are known for their power and stability. They come with a good amount of brightness, smaller thermal resistance, less light attenuation, and longer life.

It is itself a full spectrum design as well with high photon flux density to come with, promoting your plant’s life and development altogether.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this grow light now before you miss out on it!

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  • Good quality
  • Long-lasting


  • Not for the seedling phase

4. Tmlapy COB LED Grow Light

These lights come with a high amount of brightness levels, smaller thermal resistance, less light attenuation, and long-lasting worktime as well.

So it is a very good package, and you will be getting a full spectrum design that will help your plants grow fuller and help them blossom dutifully.

There is also a VEG switch which will provide you with the promotion of growth in plants at the seedlings or germination stage, which is the dream of every person while getting a grow light.

This feature is quite rare and not found in all grow lights, so before it runs out from the market, get your hands on this grow light now!

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  • Good brightness
  • Long-lasting
  • Energy-saving


  • Heats up sometimes

5. HaoFst COB LED Grow Light

This grows light uses third generation sunlight spectrum, so basically, it looks like sunshine and provides a spectrum of 380-800nm, meaning that it promotes plant growth immensely.

It is also energy-saving and consumes up to 300W of power only and gives a good light coverage to all your plants as well.

If you want a grow light with all these features and want it to be long-lasting as well, then this one is your best bet as there are no such cons to it and so many advantages in just one light!

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  • Long-lasting
  • Less energy-consuming
  • Good light coverage


  • None

6. Romancelink COB LED Grow Light

These led grow lights that can make your plants thrive even at night or without any sunlight.

As it is environment-friendly and high-quality material used for their making, and the manufacturer made sure to use high-grade lamp beads for proper illumination.

It has super bright illumination, low heat and power consumption, and more than 50,000 hours of working life, making it extremely easy for the buyer.

So you will get efficient lighting and good experience with these grow lights. Hurry up and get yourself these cobs grow lights now if these come up to your requirements!

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  • Less energy consumption
  • Good lifespan
  • Efficient working


  • Sensitive fan


These led grow lights come with the optimal full spectrum of 380-800nm and provides the plants with VEG and flower stages with natural sunlight.

This makes it really beneficial for the plants, and if the light works for the plants in the seedling stage, then it can work in all stages dutifully.

Most importantly, these grow lights come with advance technology being waterproof and dustproof so you can utilize them both indoors and outdoors without any issues.

So on rainy and snowy days, you won’t have to worry about the growth of your plants because the waterproofing will help you out!

These lights replace the regular lighting systems by their qualities, and the CANAGROW lights live up to your expectations, respectively, with their follow-ups.

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  • High efficiency
  • Energy-saving
  • Full-spectrum


  • Plug not grounded
  • No power cord in the package

8. CF Grow COB LED Grow Light Chip

This full spectrum grow light includes many red and blue lights with UV and IR as well.

You will be getting all the wavelengths you need for plant growth and blooming of seeds, respectively, so not only will you avail different colored lights but also a good amount of wavelengths.

Also, their COB packing technique can save about 30% of your application costs, light engine costs, and secondary light distribution costs as well.

These grow lights don’t consume a lot of energy, making themselves energy-saving and cost-effective for the buyers.

So how can you ignore such a good lighting system for your garden? Get yours now and make sure you consider all factors a buyer needs to know before buying any COB grow light!

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  • Different colors
  • Good performance
  • Energy-saving


  • Less Light coverage
  • Pricey

9. CF GROW COB LED Grow Light

These led grow lights are IP rated, meaning that they are waterproof and dustproof to support your requirements of a strong built COB grow light.

These light cans stand through any weather, whether snow or rain, and make sure that your plants prosper and thrive!

They are also of new technology, ensuring high amounts of light intensity and intelligent control of heat dissipation.

Also, a lot of people face problems regarding the fans in COB grow lights, but these grow lights offer a no fan system with any noise to worry about as well.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • No fan system
  • Strong built
  • Waterproof


  • Short bulb life

10. Rapid LED COB LED Grow Light

These are great for both VEG and flower phases, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a grow light according to the phase of your plants.

This multi-tasking grow light is also very stylish and comes in a variety of color temperatures for you to have variations and a different light for different purposes.

It includes a rope ratchet that helps you hang this light above the plants and provide full light coverage, so your plant growth is highly promoted and strengthened dutifully.

This makes this grow light easy to install and efficient user-friendly!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • User-friendly
  • Multi-tasking
  • Easy installation


  • Dated technology

11. Niello COB LED Grow Light

These cobs grow lights come with the newest full spectrum and are equipped with 3000k of COBs, which are specially developed for plants.

Their experimental range is 380-780nm which is again ideal for plants and indoor usage as well, not only will you be availing this option but guess what?

This light is also multi-tasking, so you will be availing this high-intensity performance in both VEG and flower stages to fulfill your requirements in all perspectives.

Its patented unique design has a reflective cup and lens for a higher light-gathering effect and a lux value higher than normal LED lighting systems.

Also, you will be ensured with the efficient utilization of the light and save up to 98% of energy!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Energy-saving
  • Wide applications
  • Full-spectrum range


  • Sensitive controlling system

12. Growstar UFO Led Grow Light

Growstar cob lights focus a lot on the quality of the product, safety factors, and environmental impact. Compared with the traditional lights, this UFO 300w led grow light helps you save more costs and energy as well.

It comes with 3000k of high value led COBs, and best white grow quality light for the proper growth of the plants.

The lights also have a full advanced spectrum, which is ultra-efficient and provides performance for plants in both VEG and flowering stages to increase your chances of a good grow light.

It has a powerful cooling fan system as well, and these lights have passed the temperature test before leaving the manufacturing warehouses.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Advanced spectrum
  • Good quality
  • Energy-saving
  • Cost-effective


  • Not durable enough
  • Heavyweight

13. CF Grow CREE COB LED Grow Light

These are the newest CREE led grow lights used for indoor plants at all stages for full growth and development. The spectrum ranges from 380-780nm and replaces the 400w HPS growing lamp for most people.

Each led chips can reach 120W of power and are not just extremely powerful but also produce the best spectrum for your indoor plants and their lighting needs.

These led grow lights are also waterproof and dustproof because of high-quality COB led chips, and this ensures the stability and quality of the product as well for the buyers.

So not only do you get all of these cool features in one product but also a good long lifespan of 100,000 hours! This is amazing for just anyone.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Advance technology
  • Full-spectrum range


  • Not covers the whole garden
  • No driver in the pack

14. MaxBloom Dimmable COB LED Grow Light

These grow lights provide an optimal full spectrum that ranges from 380-760nm and has dimmable properties as well.

20-30% of more harvesting growth is ensured with comparison from other manufacturers, which is ideal for all stages of indoor plants, whether they are seedlings, VEG, flowering, or non-flowering.

Also, you can customize the spectrums according to your needs because of the special dimmable design, and for every stage, there is a different spectrum range for you to choose, respectively.

You will also be saving energy through this product as it is designed with a special energy-saving solution of high lumen LEDs and effective work time.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Efficient
  • For all stages
  • Full-spectrum range


  • Sensitive
  • Not durable enough

15. Relassy COB LED Grow Light

If you are worried that your plants are not getting enough sunlight, then you have not to worry anymore because these led grow lights deliver full-spectrum light with wavelengths between 380-800nm to stimulate natural sunlight!

This is amazing and beneficial for all plants and for their growth, most importantly.

Its multi-reflective layer also helps cover more light in more surface area, and this way, you will also be ensured about proper lighting for all your plants.

Also, these lights are completely reliable and easy to install anywhere in your home, whether indoors or outdoors!

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  • Easy installation
  • Natural lighting
  • For all plants


  • Not dimmable

Frequently Asked Questions

Are COB LED grow lights better?

COB grow lights are the best alternative for conventional HID as well as modern LED lighting systems because they possess more potential and high light intensity with special qualities to come with.

What does cob stand for LED?

COB stands for “chip on board,” which is a new technology of Led packaging for led light engine.

How hot do COB lights get?

200w draw= 200w end, heat regardless of COB. COBs are just better at turning into the light first before the light hits something else and create heat.

What is the Cree COB LED?

CREE launches the second generation high-density COB lights.

How does a COB LED work?

Coming directly in contact with a substrate, the COBs produce led arrays.

What is a chip on board LED?

The chip on board led technology is basically an advance level of packaging and has a number of advantages over traditional lighting systems.

What is the difference between a grow light and a regular light?

Regular lights are for everyday use, and grow lights are specifically for plant growth.

Do full spectrum LED grow lights work?

Yes, they do work. In fact, they work really efficiently. Making it very easy for the buyer to get their plants growing amazingly without much hassle for installation.

Can I leave my grow light on 24 hours?

It is not recommended to leave your grow light on for 24 hours, as it can burn your plants too with too much heat, and plants will also be not able to carry out their respiration process.

The TEMLAPY LED light looks really good, and I want to buy it. However, the overheating aspect bothers me. How big of an issue is it?

You can easily deal with this problem by minimizing your daily usage of this light. Also, it won’t bother you that much if you have a running fan nearby.

Is the HAOFST COB LED light really without a defect? I don’t see any con listed in its review.

Yes, it is! That’s why this light is my top recommendation for anyone who wants to buy a COB grow light.

What do you mean by the ROMANCELINK COB light’s sensitive fan?

By sensitive, I mean that the fan is more susceptible to being damaged by heat and the sun.


Here is the complete review and guide for the best COB grow lights available in the market for you to purchase.

Get yourself the grow light you require now without any hesitation as all of the products have been listed for your convenience with their respective pros and cons.

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