How Do Led Faucet Lights Work? | Here’s The Answer

How Do Led Faucet Lights Work

Modern technology has enhanced the luxuries of daily used products. A simple faucet seems a little boring to use, right?

How Do Led Faucet Lights Work

Also, in the dark, if your sink does not have proper illumination, then LED faucet lights will serve you.

With a good range of colorful lights, they provide soothing aesthetics along with compensating your lighting demands.

But a question arises in mind that how do they work. If you are inspired by their performance and beauty, and also want to buy them, then you might want to know the working principle behind them.

The invention of electronics has revolutionized the world. Smart devices are being invented as per the public’s demand. LED faucet light is one of them.

The whole mechanism lies in the aerator that contains sensors inside it with the LED, and it is battery-free.

Now, it is creating curiosity about how does it work without a battery. I will help you understand the principle behind even if you are not much familiar with the electronics.

So, there are two kinds of sensors that are involved in this job:

  1. Pressure sensor
  2. Temperature sensor

Working Principle

The water, while passing through the aerator, creates pressure, and this pressure controls the intensity of light; now, a temperature sensor controls the color type of the light as there are different colors corresponding to different temperatures.

But how can it work without a battery? Is there a mini power generator inside? The answer is yes.

There is a little generator with an impeller inside the aerator.

On turning the faucet on, the water tends to turn the impeller, and the dynamo (generator) converts that mechanical energy into electricity, and the LEDs start working.

The colors corresponding to different temperatures are given below:

  • For low temperature, it is blue (usually below 25°C)
  • For normal temperature, it is green (from 25-40°C)
  • For higher temperature, it is red (usually higher than 40°C)

Sometimes, not knowing that if the water is hot or not, we put our hands under it and almost burn them.

This usually happens in winter when the geysers are on ‘very hot’ mode. The LED faucet will help you assume the temperature of the water before you go through such kind of incident.

Also, as they generate energy themselves, you can keep on using your faucets even when the light is not available.

Hence, if there is load shedding and you do not have a UPS in your home, at least your faucets will not need a torchlight.

So, instead of waiting any longer, you should go and buy them as they are very cheap (cost a couple of dollars or less). Their aesthetics and features are worth spending that little money on them.


LED faucet lights make your simple faucet interesting and smart. I have tried to come up with the best possible information that you must know before jumping into the purchasing phase.

Now I think that you are capable enough to decide what you really need for your faucet. These lights can illuminate your sink faucets, showers, and other taps amazingly.

Still, confused? Okay, let’s check the video:

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