How To Reset Led Strip (Described All The Possible Ways)

how to reset led strip

In this modern world, we mostly talk about convenience and aesthetics while purchasing something, and even the inventors are in pursuit of these two things quite often. LED strip lights also give you that.

how to reset led strip

If you want accent lighting (light focusing on a particular object), backlighting, or task lighting, you probably go for LED strips.

They also offer you a great deal of luminous efficacy (visible light efficiency).

But, your LED lights might stop working after some time the way you want them to, and you must be worried about them.

Here below, I will tell you how you can reset them and make them work again for you:

Controlling Sources

There are various sources nowadays to control the LED strips. They can be,

  • Remote control
  • Wifi (using a controller or smartphone)
  • Bluetooth (using a controller or smartphone)

In the case of remote control, there is usually a Bluetooth chip involved, which has some generic programming done on it to control the patterns of the LED strips.

While if we talk about wifi, then it can be controlled using a controller or your smartphone, and there are various smartphone applications available for that.

There are some Bluetooth type connectable LED strips also available, and smartphone applications are available to control them too.

How to Reset LED Strips

Now that we know about various controlling sources available for LED strips.

Hence without further ado, let us discuss how to reset them if they are not working the way you want them to.

Reset Remote-Control LED Strips

If we consider the case of remote-control LED strips, there are different brands in the market, and due to that, the remotes may be a bit different, but the buttons that you will need to reset your LED strips are almost the same for all of them.

So, you don’t have to worry about that. You have to know the process which you need to follow to reset your LED strips.

The process involves turning on and off the power several times in general, but some steps for RGB strips are given below;

First of all, plug in your LED strips and turn on the power for about 5 seconds.

After 5 seconds, switch them off and take out the adapter and do it without turning off the remote control.

Now press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

Plugin the adapter again to revive the power supply.

Keep on holding the button for about 5 seconds until the LED strips turn on.

Now when they turn on, you will see alternating red, green, and blue colors, and then they will turn yellow.

You can release the button when it holds on yellow.


If you have some other brand on which these steps are not working, you should try turning the power on and off several times until it starts working normally again.

Reset Bluetooth Connectable LED Strips

These LED strips usually contain a small connecting box, which usually contains a Bluetooth chip inside it.

When your LED strip is not working well, it may be due to the reason that the programming code is not working well.

It would help if you tried resetting it, and it will come to its very initial state.

The following steps can help you do it:

First of all, connect the communication box (that contains chip) with the adapter and LED strips.

Take out the adapter for a few seconds.

Now plug in the adapter and wait for five seconds.

Make sure you follow the time accurately.

Now remove the power by taking the adapter out.

Repeat this process until you see that the LED strip is blinking.

Now the factory data has been reset, and you need to reconnect from your phone to control them. Follow the steps properly to achieve results.

Reset Smart Wifi Controlled LED Strips

For smart wifi controlled LED strips, you can easily perform the reset operation because the controllers have built-in reset buttons within them.

First, make sure that you have the wifi LED controller with you.

Now press and hold the power button of the LED controller for about 5 to 6 seconds.

You can easily reset your LED strips by just pressing and holding the reset button for the specified time.

There are modern smart devices available in the market. In the same way, smart LED strips are also available in the market. And without any cumbersome procedure, you can now reset them using a built-in reset button.

Sometimes there is a reset hole in the controller of a multicolor LED strip, and you can insert a small-sized object inside and press and hold the button for about 8 seconds to reset it.

Indications After Being Reset

Various LED strips with various brands and types can show different results upon resetting them.

Some of them start blinking after being reset. Some of them, like RGB (red, green, and blue), show different color indications like we’ve seen above that if they turn yellow and hold on to that color, that means they are working well now.

Some of them show variation in brightness, and this is also an indication that your LED strip has been reset.

The point to remember is that once your LED has gone through the resetting procedure, you have to reconnect it again with the controller (in case you are doing it using your mobile phone).

After reconnecting, your LED strips are ready to give you the results, the way you wanted them to give.


I have discussed the general types of LED strips (in terms of controllers) and the procedures to reset them.

Now it is up to you to correctly follow the steps according to your device and implement them. Make sure to remember the indications which your LED strip will give after being reset.

LED strips are normally used for decorations, and they come up with different features, and when they stop giving those features, you should keep in mind that there is a need to reset them.

On resetting, they will start functioning the way you wanted it to.

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