17 Different Types of Floor Lamps

Different Types of Floor Lamps

Generally, floor lamps are considered dull and boring, but nowadays, there are many different versions of floor lamps out there readily available for you to review.

Different Types of Floor Lamps

But guess what? We have actually picked out some of the different types of floor lamps that are high in quality and are also the ideals for your home interior.

They can easily provide you comfortable and easy to install lighting systems and be their merry selves as well.

Floor lamps are brighter than most lighting systems out there and can basically help you solve all your worries for your lighting needs.

If you are going to redecorate your house and are looking for good floor lamps, then continue reading:

1. Tower Floor Lamps

For soft and romantic lighting, these floor lamps are the best bet because you can easily find them stylish but at the same time flexible enough to set the mood.

They come in many different types and forms as well because these floor lamps are customizable and user-friendly.

Some have an optimum design while the others go with eye-catching modern designs, and all are highly efficient for your home interior.

2. Swing-Arm Lamps

Swing-arm lamps are quite easy to use and customizable as well. You can easily adjust them by swinging them according to your needs.

If you want to point the lamp towards a specific area and create a lighting fixture, then it’s possible with this lamp easily.

These types of floor lamps also come with a lot of features, and if you want to relax and read a book, then this floor is a lamp that is perfect for you and your family.

3. Torchiere Lamp

To create a specific lighting exposure, torchiere lamps are commonly used.

If you are a moody person and you can’t decide what kind of lighting you require, then this lamp will serve its purpose to multi-task and fulfill your wishes.

It is the best choice for you, and it will overall boost your interior and enhance every space it is installed in.

So what are you thinking? Get it now, and enjoy your daily lighting needs.

4. Club Lamp

A club lamp is another type of floor lamp that comes in a ubiquitous style and is a stick lamp designed for area lighting.

You can get yourself a club lamp in almost any style and provides soft radiating light exposure from all its sides and angles, respectively.

Get yourself a club lamp and see one of the best lighting outputs out there.

5. Mogul Floor Lamp

This floor lamp has a large center light bulb surrounded by 3 to 4 smaller bulbs that may be candelabra style or standard medium-based bulbs; each is mounted base down.

You can get them from almost anywhere and fun fact; they are also known as six-way floor lamps because of the number of bulbs installed in it.

6. Glass Tray Floor Lamp

It is basically a regular club lamp with a glass tray attached to a table length area. It is used for area lighting and can be placed in both your working and living spaces effectively.

The lighting it provides is just like the club lamp, but the extra special feature it has is that you can place a decoration piece on its tray to enhance your décor or even place any book or mug that you would need when you settle down on the couch beside it.

7. Tree Floor Lamps

This type of floor lamp mainly consists of 2 or 3 lamps on one stand and provides lighting output in many adjustable ways.

You can adjust in towards different angles and positions and customize it according to your needs, so you don’t feel out of place when having a lamp at home.

Also, it just lights up the whole room where it is placed and helps in precise tasks such as reading, knitting, sewing, and typing, etc.

8. Task Light

A task light is a floor lamp that possesses different features and helps accomplish many useful and critical tasks.

You can move it around and adjust it according to your requirements and also direct it towards the place where you need it to shine the most.

This efficient light is amazing for students or home-based working parents that need to fulfill some tasks at night and need directional lighting exposure.

9. Arc Floor Lamp

This kind of floor lamp has a long arcing gooseneck that is easily adjustable and can be directed towards a specific area.

They are usually striking in appearance and the best substitutes to conveniently cover an entire space.

You can place them just anywhere and plug them in to provide the best lighting coverage you have ever seen and solve all your problems.

10. Nordic Floor Lamps

This floor lamp is in an ancient style with an entire array of specific elements that can be utilized, transformed, and brought into the Center focus.

It is a very old style that is modernized into a very stunning form nowadays by many manufacturers.

You can find so many brands out there that are providing these kinds of lamps, so don’t miss out on them.

11. Geometric Lamps

These kinds of floor lamps were taken into consideration by some manufacturers when they were inspired by angled artistic movements two centuries ago.

You can now find them in upgraded forms and designs for your interior décor and redecorate your entire living or working space with these crafted floor lamps that light up the hallways or even a whole room.

12. Country Style

A lovely floor lamp is a mission style that stays in fashion forever. The country style floor lamps feature a wooden, tall and slim post as a base, a small shade with wooden elements on it.

A natural yet old worn-out appearance and a rustic feel to it. You will feel that it’s crafted in a vintage style and has random carvings on it with soft color accents along the lines.

These kinds of floor lamps can effectively lift up your whole room and help you dive into different ideas for other decorative pieces as well.

13. Industrial

It is almost like the country style, but you will see that it is more unique then the country style floor lamps because of its simple accents.

There will be a long straight metallic stand with just a bare bulb hanging from the top, giving a bookish feature of the style to it.

This lamp is really suitable for people who are trying to opt the New York vibes and bring them into their homes.

This 1950 style is just perfect for simple and caring people who want uniqueness brought right into their living rooms.

14. Patterned Bohemian Floor Lamps

This type of floor lamp is ideal for people who want dim lighting in a room and want the lamp to look like a decorative piece and not a lighting fixture.

People who are looking for a natural lighting display and, at the same time, a crafted patterned design on the lamp should get these bohemian floor lamps now.

You can easily find them in the market in many versions and forms, and some manufacturers even provide hand-painted lamps.

15. Mid-Century

This floor lamp has a huge top lamp with a shelf halfway down the post so that you can put your cup and other items on it. This is a nice collection for all those people who adore floor lamps.

Getting yourself a mid-century floor lamp means that they have removable lampshades, and you can change the colors and designs whenever you like!

So it is like a canvas for you to arrange and design according to your requirements.

16. Novelty Floor Lamps

Novelty floor lamps are any lamps that have an extra special feature along with them, and that feature is different in every lamp.

For example, there is a novelty lamp that has a sweeper in it, which helps you clean or sweep your floors and provide lighting output at the same time.

17. Candelabra Floor Lamp

So this floor lamp has many light bulbs in it, but they are tiny in size, unlike usual light bulbs in a floor lamp.

So they will give you medium lighting coverage, and if you see the bulbs, they will look like glowing candles.


These are 17 different types of floor lamps that you can easily get and install in your homes or offices both.

They are customizable and also user-friendly so you can easily pick one type for your home décor and call it a day!

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