Top 18 Different Types of Lamps

Different Types of Lamps

Lamps have a long history and have been providing assistance to human beings for a considerable period of time.

Different Types of Lamps

Whether it’s about finding anything in the dark or reading, lamps are always one’s best companion to compensate for light when you don’t have any other light source available.

Contrary to only the essential lamps available in the past, nowadays, there is a massive list of different types of lamps available in the market, and depending upon how you intend to use them, you could get one according to your needs.

So, let’s see 18 different types of lamps that you could get your hands onto:

1. Magnifying Lamp

Magnifying lamps are sort of specialized lights, which are a necessity for people who want to work with precision.

You can easily view each and every small detail under them without straining your eyes a lot.

2. Reading Lamp (For Eyes)

Reading lamps are specifically designed for people who read in the darkness with just the lamp on.

With special bulbs used in them, they protect your eyes in a way that your vision doesn’t get hurt even when it’s fully dark around.

You should definitely check out the reading lamp for eyes if you’re a bookworm.

3. Standard Table Lamp

These are the most basic category of lamps and are usually found in the highest frequency.

The styles generally vary as there are new designs coming out every day, but the general shape is the same, a tall body with a shade to hold the bulb.

4. Advanced Standard Table Lamp

These ones are also found in a vast number and basically are kind of an upgrade to the necessary standard lamps.

Instead of a tall body, they usually feature a somewhat rounded body with a fancy shade around the bulb.

5. Buffet Lamp

This concept was wholly based upon the idea of decoration, with it being the major purpose of the lamp rather than serving light.

They do, however, provide light too, but it’s not too bright and is usually focused on some fixed spot. They take up very little space and add to the beauty of your room.

6. Advanced Buffet Lamp

The major upgrade buffet lamps have gotten over the years. These also follow the footsteps of their predecessor, but they boast a quite unique body.

Mostly having eye-catching designs on it, which are crafted nicely.

7. Piano Lamp

These types of lamps have a shade that is somehow related to the shape of a piano, which essentially means that the shade is rather wide and kind of covers the whole table where it’s placed upon, leaving no spot unlit.

They can be mostly seen in conventional homes.

8. Advanced Piano Lamp

Carrying the legacy of their fathers, these ones are also based upon the same design; however, the frame and the body are much sharper and worked upon.

They often house unique designs and construction done out of bronze.

9. Standard Floor Lamp

The most basic type associated with floor lamps, they provide you a minimal sleek design covering very less space on the floor.

They have a round-shaped shade that focuses most of the light coming out of the bulb downwards. But they do spread light around them as well in a spherical manner.

10. Arc Lamp

As the name suggests, the arc style lamp has an arc type frame with the main light source hanging from the end of the arc. They are also widely used for decoration purposes.

They are usually made out of metal, and the base is based quite away from where the bulb is located above.

12. Torchiere Lamp

This design of the lamp is rather different. As opposed to all the other lamps, this one actually directs the light coming out of it upwards instead of downwards.

They are extremely useful as they could easily illuminate a huge room. Some people primarily depend upon them to light their room instead of the common ceiling lights.

12. Tabled Lamp

You might confuse this one with the table lamp we discussed earlier, but there is actually a huge difference between both.

The table lamp needs a table to be placed upon, but these ones have a table already attached to them, and you can put them whenever you want to.

The table, however, doesn’t take up much space and is quite compact, so you don’t need to worry about the extra space it will consume.

13. Unique Lamp

Entirely used for decoration purposes, these are the lamps that add immense beauty to the room as they are unlike any other type of lamp we have seen.

They are unique in their making, and their body stands out from the rest of the lamps, leaving your eyes glued to their beauty.

14. LED Lamp

LED lamps are amongst the next big thing we are about to see in the lighting industry.

With already a fast pace in their adaptation, they have captured a huge market share of lamps due to their distinctive features and a wide range of applications.

They consume a minimal amount of energy as they don’t have a hot filament inside them. They are used in homes, on streets, office, or even on highways to light them up.

15. Incandescent Lamp

These are the most commonly used lamps we have around. They basically use a tungsten filament, which has a noble gas or vacuum inside it.

You can use your own choice of the lampshade with them, depending upon your usage.

16. Tungsten Halogen Lamp

Mostly built like an incandescent lamp, these lamps are also pretty common in conventional houses.

However, inside the bulb, they contain halogens instead of the noble gases for the task of controlling the evaporation.

17. Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Producing light energy following the same manner as that of tungsten halogen lamps, these ones use a narrower pathways, also known as tubes for the passage.

However, this could possibly pose a major threat as a lot of heat energy could accumulate in the tube, so they are not used as a primary light source.

18. Induction Lamp

These lamps are also quite new and have surfaced the markets rather recently.

As the name suggests, they use the phenomenon of induction to produce energy, unlike the recent few ones we have discussed.

Their usage is also on the rise, with many people switching over to these.


So, we have seen 18 different types of lamps that you could easily find in the markets. Each one has its own specifications and features, serves a different purpose in its own way.

While no lamp can fit all the criteria at once, you should consider them according to what you intend to do with them.

So, study them carefully before buying one for yourself.

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