15 Best LED Light Bulbs For Outdoor Fixtures | Reviews 2023

Best LED Light Bulbs for Outdoor Fixtures

Light bulbs are something that you use every day. It helps you to see things in the dark and brighten up your nights.

Best LED Light Bulbs for Outdoor Fixtures

You would want a bulb to read, cook or any necessary errand you need to carry out. It lightens up your room and helps you to see things.

It does not let you indulge in the darkness that comes in the night time. Moreover, it is a kind of a friend that lit up your surrounding.

You would want to have the best light bulb that lasts longs and gives the right amount of light in the dark.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

Before you buy a light bulb, you need to go through the properties of it, so that you can choose the best out of the one.

You need to look into different aspects of a bulb to know which one is the best-LED light bulb for outdoor fixtures.

Light power

The bulb needs to have an optimum amount of watts that it can give to light up your garage or garden outside.

You would want a powerful lamp when having tea with your family out to keep the mood brighten up.


No one likes to keep changing the products they bought. Everyone prefers their products to last for a longer duration.

You would not want your bulb to fire up and get broken after multiple uses.

Energy Saving

Electricity in many places is expensive, and the big bills sometimes stress you out.

These bulbs need to have the right amount of energy-saving so that you can keep the bulb on for hours in a day without any tension or stress.

Top 15 LED Light Bulbs for Outdoor Fixtures Reviews

We will help you out to look upon the highest 15 bulbs that are available in the market to help you out before you buy an LED light bulb.

1. TCP LED Light Bulbs Energy Efficient

The A19 LED bulbs from TCP are suitable for use in the table or floor lamps, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and halls, and ceiling fittings.

TCP energy-efficient LED bulbs are a perfect replacement for standard 60-watt household incandescent bulbs, but they only use 9 watts – energy savings of up to 85%.

The bulbs emit a Daylight (5000 K) colour that is ideal for indoor lighting because it imitates the glow of regular incandescent bulbs and is suitable for use in indoor or outdoor enclosed fixtures; not dimmable.

It can last till 13 years which is a pretty good time for a bulb.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Durable
  • Bright
  • Energy efficient
  • Daylight color
  • Less wattage but bright light


  • Buzzing noise in some bulbs
  • A customer might get them broken
  • Might get heat up

2. Tenergy LED Light Bulb

Tenergy’s 9W LED light bulb provides excellent energy efficiency and long-lasting output, making it a perfect 60-watt bulb to replace. It is designed using quality materials and circuitry.

Clear from toxic chemicals and breakable materials to keep your home safe and take a significant step towards a greener future.

Once switched on, the LED bulb will boost its brightness instantly. It illuminates a 60-watt incandescent bulb but uses just 9W of energy.

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  • Maximum brightness
  • Energy saving
  • Quality materials used
  • Green efficient
  • Clear from toxic chemicals


  • Can not be used on a dimmer
  • Not so durable
  • Instructions are not clear


Light is always 80+ CRI for better colour rendition with Sylvania LED bulbs, making greens, reds, and blues appear more accurately in your home.

Some bulbs emit harmful UV rays that may fade clothes and works of art.

There is no UV or IR radiation with Sylvania LED bulbs. Such lamps are free from the atmosphere and do not contain mercury.

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  • 11 year of life
  • No UV radiation
  • Mercury-free
  • Good colour rendition
  • No UV or IR radiation


  • Can not be used for dimmers
  • Lack of accuracy in description

4. Philips LED Non-Dimmable A19 Light Bulb

Philips A19 LED bulbs produce 800 lumens of bright, full-spectrum light, equal to 40-watt incandescent with 80% less energy consumption.

Such lamps match regular medium base (E26) fixtures with a classic bulb’s look and feel.

LED bulbs last longer than incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs up to 10X.

Philips LEDs are mercury-free, unlike fluorescent or compact fluorescent lamps, so they do not lead to hazardous waste.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Durable
  • Energy saver
  • Mercury-free
  • Classic bulb shape
  • No hazardous waste


  • Do not last long as informed
  • Might get heat up

5. Smart WiFi LED Color Changing Light Bulb

The smart RGBCW light bulb also allows you to have up to 16 million colour choices while providing you with standard fluorescent lighting needs.

Using the fade in/out transition effect over a specified period, you can schedule the lights to turn on and off slowly.

Alexa can control these bulbs, and you can turn it on or off with voice control.

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  • Alexa control
  • Different colours
  • Energy saving
  • Scheduling lights
  • Smart control


  • Alexa link can be a havoc
  • Linkage is not as good as told
  • Errors in Alexa control

6. iLC RGB Color Changing LED Light Bulb

An RGB light bulb that is remote-controlled and colour-changing which fits for your preference. It suits in life with multi-purpose.

It has a beam angle of up to 270 degrees, 200 lumens, a super high screen of 85CRI. Using and adjusting colour and brightness is very simple.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Light changing
  • Remote controlled
  • The beam angle of 270 degrees


  • Light is not very bright
  • The color change is not as instructed

7. High Eagle A19 LED Light Bulb

The great white eagle has a Soft White 3000K which is ideal for replacing incandescent/halogen bulbs.

Clear, bright light without adding any extra yellow or blue shades. A great colour that can be used anywhere.

The Great Eagle Lighting 9-Watt LED flashlight bulb equivalent of 60-Watt provides an 85% reduction in energy use.

Operating at 3 hours per day costs only 1.08/year or less than.01/day.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Energy saving
  • Clear, bright light
  • Great colour usage anywhere
  • 9-watt equivalent to 60-watt
  • Not shades of yellow or blue


  • Might be too bright for a room or outdoor
  • Heats up after long usage
  • Quality is poor

8. Philips Hue LED Smart Light Bulb

In just three stages, these smart, energy-efficient LED bulbs are easy to set up!

Besides, they integrate seamlessly with your favourite smart devices such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.

Through setting timers or schedules, bring scheduling into your own hands and make it look like your home when you’re out or on holiday.

Create timetables to help you sleep easier.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Voice control
  • Energy efficient
  • Smart bulb
  • Connection to smart devices
  • Scheduling lights


  • Overpriced
  • Value for money is less
  • No remote with it

9. EcoSmart 60-Watt Vintage Style LED Light Bulb

This 60W EcoSmart B11 candelabra base filament LED light bulb 12-pack is a sleek substitute for conventional incandescent bulbs-with all the advantages of LED technology.

Soft White (2700K) is the colour temperature of this light bulb.

These LED light bulbs are dimmable, have a bright all-glass exterior, and provide a light distribution that is Omni-directional (360 °).

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  • Energy saving
  • Omnidirectional
  • Good light distribution
  • Soft white colour with good brightness


  • Does not work with dimmers
  • Package delivery would not deliver it safely

10. TECKIN Smart Light Bulb

The smart light bulbs are amazing to save energy and get a fantastic view. You can even switch your stylish lamp on / off with your mobile through the Smart Life App, also if you’re not at home.

The schedule for your smart bulb is easy to set. Customize the home light system, such as switching on at dusk lights and turning off at sunrise.

For all of your smart bulbs, you can create a group and control them all with just one button.

The bulb works with a Wi-Fi network of 2.4GHz.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Smart bulbs
  • Can be connected with intelligent life app
  • Can customize home light
  • Works with WIFI


  • Overpriced
  • Can not work with more than 2.4 GHz of WIFI

11. GE 60W Replacement Soft White LED

GE LEDs deliver excellent energy efficiency, long-lasting reliability, and illumination, all in one box.

With a bright, warm light, they illuminate your house. In table lamps, sconces, and open fixtures use this GE LED general purpose light.

It’s suitable for installations that are often used. The low energy consumption of this LED will help you save money on electricity over the long life of the light.

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  • Energy saving
  • Long-lasting
  • Bright light
  • Good warm light colour
  • Easy installation


  • The pack might have a faulty bulb
  • Inefficient quality

12. Govee Dusk to Dawn Light Bulb

A Sensitive Smart Light Bulb with a built-in smart photocell, light sensor control, switch on automatically at night (< 15Lux), turn off at daytime (> 35Lux).

Govee light bulb has a lifetime of 30,000 hours, made of PC material, to fulfill unique cool specifications of the LED chip.

It can eliminate the regularly replaced bulb hassle.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Long-lasting
  • Smart bulb
  • Bright
  • Light sensor control


  • Not easy to install
  • Screws are difficult to place

13. Peteme Smart LED Light Bulb

Peteme smart bulb two-pack works with Alexa Echo, Echo dot, Google Home Assistant or IFTT. You can use your voice to activate the smart bulb.

It just needs to send a voice command to turn on / off, or dim / brighten your light (e.g.’ Alexa, switch the bedroom to Blue ‘).

Peteme RGB cool white and hot white smart bulb Build your ideal light effects with 16 million colours.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Smart bulb
  • Voice control with Alexa etc
  • 16 million colours
  • Voice activation
  • Connects with WIFI


  • Overpriced
  • Colors might not be as instructed

14. BERENNIS Smart Light Bulb

With 16 million colours and thousands of whites, BERENNIS LED Smart WiFi Bulb is a simple, affordable way to add vibrant, smart lighting to your home.

Link multiple bulbs in a hub-free APP and enjoy bright light in each room.

With 16 million colours and thousands of whites to choose from, express yourself and make your room more appealing.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • 16 million colours
  • Alexa control
  • Smart bulb
  • Lighten ups your room


  • Do not retain online settings
  • Need to be adjusted every time

15. Ascher E12 LED Candelabra Light Bulbs

The chandelier bulb of 5W e12 replaces the incandescent bulb of 60W.

The e12 base style led bulb Daylight white 5000 K, made in unique candelabra shape, gives you a bright.

It provides a comfortable atmosphere with a 270-degree view angle and CRI 80 + quality light.

Widely used as decorative lighting, the right choice for led ceiling fan light bulbs or any other indoor led light bulbs.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Bright light
  • Unique shape
  • Comfortable atmosphere provider
  • Less watt with amazing brightness


  • Might be too bright
  • More of decorative lighting for indoors
  • Not suitable for large outdoor space

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LED lights suitable for outdoor use?

Outdoor bulbs are much more durable than indoor bulbs. Besides, the use of indoor light bulbs in outdoor outlets should be very cautious.

Many of them are not designed to withstand outdoor conditions (rain, snow, heat, cold temperatures).

How many lumens do I need for outdoor lighting?

Lumens” tests light intensity. So the amount of lumens you need for outdoor lighting depends on the type of outdoor lighting you need.

That said, for different outdoor lights our professional advice on lumens includes: route lights: 100-200 lumens Step lights: 12-100 lumens Floodlights: 700-1300 lumens Motion sensor lights: 300-700 lumens Pond/pool lights: 200-400 lumens

Can LED light bulbs be used in any fixture?

However, not all LED light bulbs can be used due to the heat-trapping of the sealed fixtures. Or maybe it’s better to say you shouldn’t use them.

Using your normal LED bulb in the enclosed fixture may still be feasible, but with a shorter life span and the potential for premature dimming.

This is the case with most home fixtures, but there will be unique industrial lighting, and other safety issues can arise.

This does not mean, however, that there is no solution. There are many LED light fixtures to be used in enclosed fixtures that are perfectly fine.

Do LED light bulbs work in extreme cold?

LED lighting systems, particularly when exposed to extreme weather, have a much longer lifespan than conventional bulbs.

Due to their excess heat emission, cold-weather wears on electric bulbs very quickly, which causes them to burst when the temperature drops.

You’re not going to have this problem with LED lights.

These do not emit heat in the same way as electric bulbs, so they can easily survive abrupt changes from warm to cold.

Quality and durability aren’t a problem.

Do you need special bulbs for outside?

Understanding that any light bulb and its circuitry exposed to rain and other types of precipitation is not safe is essential; such conditions could easily ruin the bulb and the wiring.

For this purpose, almost all outdoor light fixtures are, to some degree, weather-sealed and marked with outdoor use.

That doesn’t mean that these bulbs will stop working when you use them outside.

What is the best wattage for outdoor lighting?

Watts is the power used by a light bulb. The lower the wattage, the lower the energy consumption.

With outdoor lights, the optimal wattage is 80 watts or less.

40 Watts or lower is suitable for lighting paths and beds in the garden.

40-80 watts is suitable for surfaces such as driveways and smaller yards.

Dark Sky lighting is licensed for 80 watts or below, which ensures that you are also helping the environment.

For your outdoor lighting, the best colour temperature is a matter of choice. And the best option is the one that produces the desired effect.

What colour temperature is best for outdoor lighting?

Stay away when lighting outdoor landscapes from cooler colour temperatures.

The bluish tones from cooler temperatures can make conditions look sickly or unhealthy, giving a feeling of discomfort and being on edge.

Choose to light with a scorching colour temperature instead: 2700K LED is ideal, and 3000K is also excellent.

The temperature of 2700K offers a very calming and natural sound that imitates a campfire’s dry, welcoming glow.

Can LED light bulbs explode?

The heat has to go somewhere when it doesn’t spread, so it goes back in. This leads to more anger going through the LED bulb itself. It is unlikely that the LED will be too warm to burst, but it may overheat over time.

It ensures that they do not last as long, in the first place losing some of the efficiency and cost-effectiveness for which we purchase them.

I want an energy-efficient bulb, but I’m really environmentally conscious. Which bulb has the best eco-friendly design?

I picked out the TENERGY LED bulb for environmentalists just like you! You’ll love this bulb. It’s super bright and energy-efficient as well.

Is it possible to get a higher watt output with a lower watt power consumption?

It’s not at all a weird question. The High Eagle A19 bulb uses 9 watts of power while giving 60 watts worth of light. You should consider buying it.

I like the TECKIN Smart bulb, but I don’t have a WIFI network of 2.4 GHz. What should I do?

If you really have your heart set on this bulb, then it might be time for you to upgrade your WIFI system. Trust me; it’ll pay off!


As the world progress, the types of bulbs are also changing. With that, you can see how so many bulbs can now be controlled over Alexa and other apps.

But it depends on you, that whether you would want to buy a regular lamp or a smart bulb.

We have given you different bulbs that you can choose from and lighten up your rooms and your moods.

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