10 Different Types of Desk Lamps

types of desk lamps

A desk lamp is a great companion of yours. When you’re alone at night burning the midnight oil, the desk lamp stays with you till the end.

types of desk lamps

An ideal desk lamp helps you see the projects without any glare in your eye.

In this article, I will tell you about different types of desk lamps and their qualities.

This will help you in selecting from them, and you will not have to lead astray in a pool of unknown products which are difficult to choose from.

Different Types of Desk Lamps

Let us take you through a compact and self-revealing. You can look at each one, they are the best in the market, and you will enjoy using all of them, however, in the end, it will easy to choose for you.

1. Swing Arm Lamp

As the name suggests, this lamp comes with a flexible arm, and you can adjust it the way you want. Ideal for working on drafting projects, you can use it to project light on complex places.

This special lamp will help you with your nights while you are studying.

Whichever part of the page or room you want to see, you can see it without disturbing the sleep of other people at home—a good choice for hostellers.  

2. Magnifying Lamp

Magnifying lamps are an important tool for any person who works with precision assembly, inspection, or design.

Also known as a low-vision lighted magnifier, it helps people who cannot see in normal light with ease.

It combines magnification and illumination. You can easily perform the tasks having well defined numerous details without any hesitation with this baby.

3. Adjustable Lamp

This lamp, in contrast with the swing lamp, can be adjusted in many ways. Some even have telescopic poles which can be used to adjust the height. You can also tilt light up and down.

Whether you are working on a project with many sides to look at or having a home with people of different heights who wish to use it, this lamp will serve the purpose very well and efficiently.

4. LED Floor Lamps

LED floor lamps are the latest advancement in the home lighting equipment.

They use a light-emitting diode as a power source, which is very energy efficient as compared to other lamps, and at the same time, they have better illumination.

LED lamps are a recent creation and are known everywhere for their efficiency. They are the “lamps of the future.” You are going to benefit from them once you get them.

5. Mid Century Modern

This is more on the innovative side. The lamp is having a sleek and detailed design with optimized functioning.

It supports minimalism, natural materials, and its flow is captivating for many people.

This lamp is specially made to make you remember the medieval times with its simple yet detailed features and appealing design. You will love this one a lot!

6. Tiffany

Tiffany is more on the vintage side. Colorful patterned stained glass is very well suited for many people who enjoy its look to their fullest.

Among various desk lamps, tiffany lamps attract many people for their classy and catchy looks.

Tiffany is more of a howdy cowboy-style lamp with dignified looks and amazing details, which you will fall in love with one by one that I can guarantee you without any hesitation.

7. Reading Lamp

This is a special companion of hardcore readers. It is used for reading at a desk or task area. It can be called as an operational sculpture at the top of a tale.

The reading lamp comes in bright, glossy, chrome, brass, and can also be in a combination of different colors.

Specially made for reading, this lamp is easily dimmed and brightened, sometimes with a single touch. You will not find a better companion for your reading ventures.

8. Contemporary Lamp

It is also a seed of innovation. Contemporary lamps offer neutral lighting and clean lines. The shape is typically geometric and covers the whole room with its bright light.

Don’t fall for the name of this “contemporary” lamp because it is very different and has unique plus appealing features that you will surely love.

9. Goose Neck

Goose Neck is another strange but elegant lamp. As the name suggests, it comes in the shape of a goose’s neck.

It is flexible like a goose’s neck with a flexible metal coil.

10. Industrial Lamp

It has a décor of industrial theme and is made from heavy grade industrial materials such as cast iron, exposed light bulbs, and sometimes even made from concrete.

Also known as warm industrial style, it will give you a heavy defined and classic seamless look which you will enjoy with a whole heart.


I am sure I have given you enough knowledge of the best lamps out there. Various types of desk lamps, which will easily make you fall for them, are ready for you!

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