11 Different Types of LED Lights

different types of led lights

In the recent past, there were very limited LED lights with only specific designs, but as the years went on, there was a rapid development in technology, and there came many different types of LED lights.

different types of led lights

They are bright and long-lasting, so it is more convenient, and hence the majority prefer these led lights.

In this article, you will be told about 11 different types of led lights that would be most suitable for your rooms:

1. LED Tubes

LED tubes are designed to replace fluorescent tubes. They are commonly used in offices. They require less maintenance and burn out less frequently with up to 100,000 lifetime hours.

They work best in areas where the climate is controlled with standard ceiling heights, mechanic garages, fabricating floors, including storage areas.


SMD LED is a surface-mounted LED lighting fixture. It is a light fixture that is installed on the surface of some electronic components such as a motherboard, circuit board, or some other surface.

They are commonly used as indicator lights in computers, and as backlights in laptops and smartphones, and as push lights in keyboards or keypads.

They are less used by the general public as they are often utilized in product manufacturing.

3. Miniature LED

LED miniature light bulbs provide a direct replacement for incandescent and halogen light bulbs.

Usually, a variety of base types, LEDs, are available or automotive, railroad, medical, scientific instrument, landscape, and industrial applications.

It is compatible to use in different circuit boards. They come very handy and in ‘ready to fit’ mode.

4. LED Strips

It is a flexible circuit board populated with LEDs that you can stick almost anywhere you want to add powerful lighting in a variety of colors and brightness.

You can even cut the strip every few inches, allowing you to design your project without worrying about space requirements freely.

5. LED Spot

LED spotlights allow you to direct light wherever you want it and have great control over your lighting.

They usually come in small size and are mostly used in gardens or when you want to focus on something such as during stage performances.

You might also see them above the mirror or frames.

6. Mini LEDs

The most common type of led light is mini LEDs, which are very small but don’t do be deceived by their size. When these small lights combine together, they provide a good amount of ambiance.

They are usually used for decoration purposes on events, and in recent years they are playing a great role in creative photography.

7. Alphanumeric LEDs

This is another common LED light called alphanumeric LEDs. They are used in digital clocks and watches.

However, they have lost their popularity after the development in this industry because of their energy consumption.

8. Flashing LEDs

This type of LED is used in almost every home, they are actually used to grab the attention of people, but it is also useful in many other ways. They are attached to bicycles and other vehicles to lead the way.

The phenomenon of this light is not as simple as it looks; it requires an amount of frequency to the flashlight, unlike other LEDs.

Hence, it would help if you had an integrated circuit for these lights.

9. High Power LEDs

The LED industry is increasing rapidly in recent years, and its sole purpose is to fulfill the maximum needs of the people.

That’s were high power LEDs came into being. As they generate more power, they are brighter than other LEDs.

They are usually used in cars, the car headlights need to very powerful in order to be used for a longer period, so these LEDs are connected with a heat-absorbing material to prevent from burning out.

10. Ceiling Fan Light

Now, this must be a new term for some people. Ceiling fan light was introduced not long ago, with an idea of enhancing the overall look and environment of the room.

The led light is attached to the middle of the fan, which provides whisper-quiet performance and a unique aesthetic look.

11. Chandelier Light Bulbs

You all must be aware of the chandelier light bulbs in the palace or halls, but the fun fact is that they can be used anywhere, even in your bedroom.

These are the fancy fixture lights that are usually hanged on the ceiling. Modern chandeliers use small LEDs fixed to it; it also gives a graceful touch to your place.


We are totally surrounded by LED lighting over the past few years. This industry is striving to expand more with time because the need of light can never be fulfilled.

People are more towards buying small and compact lights than bigger ones, so these LED lights are a perfect match for the recent world’s requirement.

Moreover, their long-lasting feature and their stylish look attract a large number of people.

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