17 Different Types of Track Lighting

Different Types of Track Lighting

We are moving into a new world, and the old ways are dying. The way we used to live previously and standards set in the past are no longer applicable.

Different Types of Track Lighting

The same is the case with the house architecture. With the changes in materials used for the construction, the decoration methods have also been innovated.

Track Lighting is one of the new ways of adding brightness to your life.

It is a series of ceiling mounted or wall mounted lights that are used to project light at specific areas.

With its cost-efficient, eye-catching, and easy to install design, track lighting adds utter elegance to your room.

In addition to houses, these lights are especially useful in areas where projected light is required for specified regions such as museums and art galleries.

Different Types of Track Lighting

The tracks used for the lighting can be plastic made or metallic. Sometimes, the tracks are even invisible. If the light color matches the room theme, it gives an even more soothing look.

Now we will discuss different types of lightings that are suitable for different interior designs, and you can choose among them according to your taste.

#Based on Tracks

There are three types of tracks that are mainly used worldwide. They are H-type, J-type, and L-type. They are named after their producers Halo, Juno, and Lightolier.

In these types, the H type has a grounded bus bar, which is a central grounding system. J and L types are also grounded, although the grounding system is installed in the tracks.

1. Complete Track Kits

This light kit is simply attached to the ceiling. The light heads are connected with a single rod, which is either fixed or movable.

Its types are based on motion. One type can only rotate while the other can move back and forth.

2. Linear Track

This type features straight-line tracks that are used in houses and markets as well. It comes in different lengths from 4 feet to 8 feet. This track lighting is used in modern-day kitchen designs.

It also comes in T feature where two tracks make a T shape perpendicularly. You can use either one depending upon your requirement.

3. Monorail Tracking Lights

The monorail tracking system has one rail, which is flexible and easily adjustable. It can be in the curve and straight shape and it’s a progression to the linear design.

They are not directly attached to the ceiling; rather, they are held down by support, giving them a special aesthetic feel.

4. Swing Track Bar

This track lighting is pretty modern. Having a quite flexible swing-like bar, it offers an elite display for your living room.

5. Aliza Ceiling Track Light

This one has curved, flexible bars directly attached to the ceiling. Its oval tubing may look odd to some people, but it catches the eye of adventurous people who want to experience new things.

6. Eastvale Ceiling Track Lighting

This design is somewhat similar to the monorail tracking light. However, it offers a curved rod rather than a fixed one.

7. Chrome Round Track Light

This a special type of design that can single-handedly cover the whole room. It is ideal for living rooms and check-up rooms of doctors.

Its 360 coverage gives you ideal results in many scenarios. It is also a good option for archives located in a circle.

#Based on Track Heads

The track heads differ in shapes and range of motion. Some track heads available in the market are:

1. Step Cylinder Type

Its types include step head, which has a simple and decent design. The Round backhead has a round shape at one end.

The pinhole head is more suited to studios and industrial ambient due to its unveiled backside.

2. The Gimbal Ring Head

It provides a wide range of motion with 180 degrees flexibility.

They also have a commercial touch to them.

3. Pendant Head

This track light is a special kind of design for home decoration. It can add to your modern home decorations and is used for environment lighting.

4. Barn Door

This type can be quickly and easily adjusted. This is used to provide special control and covers the lighted area quite efficiently.

#Based on Theme

1. Modern Track Lighting

This type of track lighting is known for its sleek and graceful design. This can be a great addition to your kitchen.

It comes with smooth elliptical light waves that can cover the required areas. This light usually projects to backgrounds giving an elite moderately dim lighting experience.

2. Contemporary Track Lighting

This design is often compared with modern track lighting. However, it is very different. It is more adjustable and gives curvy looks.

It has round bars and gives a more innovative look, which makes it majorly different from modern design.

3. Traditional Track Lighting

This design has a simplicity and touch of vintage times. If you are a modern person from the old times, this is exactly what you should be looking for.

They are directly attached to the ceiling without any steps giving them an old look. They provide a calm feeling which takes you to the previous times of hustle-free life.

4. Rustic Track Lighting

This is also an ancient time influenced design. With its grounded look and long hanging rods, it takes you back to the times of old castle chandeliers.

It gives your home a vintage look, which can be very attractive to bookish old-timers. If you are one of them, then that’s a good choice for you indeed.

5. Victorian Track Lighting

As the name suggests, this design has a victorian look. It has the same edgy asymmetrical shape as the old victorian houses.

This track lighting gives your house a very elite posture.

#Based on Range

1. Accent Lighting

When the light has to cover a specific portion, then this type of lighting is used. This is especially useful in museums and art galleries. This is also a good track lighting for your kitchen.

Accent lighting is often seen where paintings or other artifacts are arranged in a line, and the purpose is to especially highlight them rather than the whole room.

This type of lighting consumes less energy and is more efficient. It is a good attraction source and focuses the viewers’ eye to the projected space rather than the area around,

If you are conscious about your work and don’t want it to be overlooked, then this is what you should be using.

2. General Lighting

This type is used when you have to light the whole room. This is a good option for small spaces such as door fronts, hallways, etc.

It cannot light large spaces on its own, but you can use more than one to serve this purpose.

3. Task Lighting

This design has the smallest area projection and is ideal for work and study environment. You will find many of these in offices, libraries and study rooms.

These lights are very helpful when a single task is to be performed in a weakly illuminated region. If you are a book worm and a night owl than say no more, you have found the ideal light!


We have tried to cover as many aspects of track lighting as we can to help you decide a good match for your home and taste. They differ in many ways, and there is a versatile choice.

We have tried our best to open new horizons of vast choices for you that will get you thinking.

While looking for the perfect lighting mechanism for your homes, you have to consider both budget and needs.

If you can afford a handsome tracking light for your place, then a new and different experience is waiting for you!

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